local art scene
Brandon Scott’s florida art scene

Poised By BRANDON SCOTT #Gouache on sheet music over #canvas #painting #portraits #art #insaartist #figure #blackandwhite
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Looking Out By BRANDON SCOTT 18 by 24 inches Gouache on cold press #gouache #painting #portraits #art #insaartist #model #fineart #blackandwhite
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Redemption By BRANDON SCOTT #hand #peace #painting #gouache #blackandwhite #portraits #art #insaartist
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Ends Meet By BRANDON SCOTT 18 by 24 inches Gouache on cold press #gouache #painting #portraits #art #insaartist #night
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The Present By BRANDON SCOTT 28 by 36 inches Gouache on canvas #christmas #lights #painting #artistsofinstagram #Artwork #santa #art #model #
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The Spicy Chair Acrylic on wooden chair #art #painterlife #paintedfurniture #lips #red #fineart #nails #tampa #srq
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The Astronomers Wife (light pollution) By BRANDON SCOTT 24 BY 36 INCHES BY 2 DEEP GOUACHE ON CANVAS #stars #zodiac #painting #artistsofinstagram #instaart #fineart #galleryart #camera
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sculptor Jason Shiver
Jason and Moira Shiver at The Gallery at 14 Days
14 days Gallery
14 days Gallery, young artist belting out melodic greatness
art scene
14 days gallery melodic greatness
 Tampa art scene
Jason Shiver gives an artist talk at The Gallery at 14 days

Art scene , local
Pete Tee Blue ,Hayley Ambrose and Nayeli Vasquez
art scene
artist Scott Robinson speaks with a young artist
local art scene
Brien Hockman with one of his fine art pieces
Brandon scott MOCA picasso
Brandon Scott at MOCA Museum with a back drop of Picasso’s
Tampa Art scene
14 Days Gallery in Ybor City
Tampa art scene
Soft opening of the 14 Days Gallery in Ybor Florida 
portrait art, Florida arts scene
Florida art scene , live art by American Artist Brandon Scott in the da vinci museum
art show
Super hero art show at the Marriott Sarasota, Florida
fine art gallery 14 days
Sculpture by Jason Shiver at 14 Days Gallery Tampa Florida
14 days gallery
14 days gallery wall in Ybor ,Florida
Brandon Scott at the marriott sarasota photo by Judith Blackhorn
art radio
JTAP Radio Show 1340 am
Brandon Scott Jorde The Artist and Maria Sabor
tampa bay lightning artists
Brandon Scott and Dena Lowery on display in the Amalie Arena by the Tampa Bay Lighting
 Tampa Bay Lightning
Brandon Scott’s painting on display by the Tampa Bay Lightning
Brandon Scott Art
Brandon Scott Art painting in his studio
bradenton Art ,VOTA
Brandon Scott at VOTA,
The Village of the Arts held their “Festival of the Skeletons,” inspired by Day of the Dead, which honors ancestors who have passe
local art scene
Tampa Bay Lightning is displaying my piece Titled “Face Off ” . Fourth annual celebration of the arts at the IOA suite in Amalie Arena. My piece will be on display during the 2015-2016 season.
amalie arena
Ice Artists
Brandon Scott ,Tampa Bay Lightning
this piece on display at amalie arena brought to you by the Tampa Bay Lightning ,artwork by Brandon Scott
local art scene
Bradenton Art
Brandon Scott live painting in Bradenton florida
Beth Warmath
Beth Warmath at Keeton’s Can Jam
Velva Lee Heraty of lets talk life ,aka Dream momma being interviewed by Host Brandon Scott
Bradenton local art scene
Left , Brandon Scott , right , Mark rodgers director of the da vinci museum
local art brandon scott
Cheeta Art
brandon Scott Art
Cheetah Art at Can Jam 2015
artists celebrities
Artists, Peter Max And Brandon Scott Art
Mainly Art Bradenton Florida
Brandon Scott paints live at the Mainly Art in February 2015 in downtown Bradenton, Florida
Local Art scene by Brandon Scott
Katie Runde Art & Illustration laying down some Awesome pigment
local art scene
Ballroom Empire at Ecofest press party
Sarasota art
We had a blast at last nights Art of The Coif; Diversity’s First Impression – at Fogartyville Community Media and Arts Center artwork by Brandon Scott
Local Florida Art scene by Brandon Scott
Just fun people at ArtSlam 2015
Brandon Scott’s booth
local art scene
Freddie Lamoreaux and Brandon Scott Artworks laying down some mad lines at the World Wellness Ecofest press party
local art scene
Anita Wexler and Chris Wanta at Ecofest Press party
Anna Maria Art scene
Having Fun at the Anna Maria Art league 
Florida art scene
Brandon Scott and Steven Kenny at Kenny’s The Black paintings exhibit
Photo credit Frank Wells
Florida Arts blog
Just some great people at jlgi gallery in sarasota florida
art exhibit
A scene from Dreams a Juried Art Exhibit, Petersburg, Saturday, Nov. 2. Photo courtesy of Life Improvement Radio.
fine art radio
Susan Ambrose and Velva Lee Heraty aka Dream Momma, Miss Nena in the green room right before the show
mainly art
photo credit Really Don’t U Care
Florida Art Scene
Pete T Blue live at The Gallery @14 Days ybor city Tampa, Florida
game changing artists
Brandon Scott-Artist and Steven Kenny
Brandon Scott on the air
Brandon Scott live on Jordé the artist radio tv show
art radio ,brandon scott ,Jorde' the Artist
guests on JTAP Beth Warmath, Kumpa Tawornprom ,Ilona Fries
Sarasota art scene
Award ceremony at JLGI Gallery in siesta Key Sarasota ,florida
Sarasota arts
Dulce Savignac belting out some melodic greatness at jlgi gallery
Dreams art exhibit
Live shot from DREAMS 2 Art exhibit at Duncan McClellan Gallery
brandon scott
the gallery @ 14 days
Brandon scott live painting at the Home show
art show
Super hero art show at the Marriott Sarasota, Florida
Brien Hockman
Brien Hockman at Harbour Island Art walk

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